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                Flexible Printed Circuit

                With an in-depth focus on the development trend of miniaturization, thinness and multi-functionality of smart terminal products, Holitech continues to focus on the R&D, design and production services of flexible circuit board products. Relying on the advantages of high reliability, high stability, excellent flexibility and stronger signal quality, it provides product connectivity solutions for users in the fields of smart phones/tablets, smart wear, smart cars, smart retail and smart medical.

                Single Side FPC

                Double Side FPC

                Rigid-flex Board

                Power Battery FPC

                Holitech flexible circuit board products include single layer board, double layer board, multi-layer board and rigid-flex board, and can provide one-stop services ranging from FCCL materials to flexible circuit board manufacturing to SMT assembly, the lines of products cover smart cars, intelligent industrial control, smart phones/tablets, smart home and other applications.

                Product Size:508*68mm

                Product Structure:double side board + top overlayer + bottom overlayer x 2

                Applications: BMS module of power battery

                Features:at high voltage of 500 VDC , the insulation resistance must be greater than 6000MΩ. the " S " types to design can effectively alleviate the expansion and contraction of issues.

                Product application