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                Holitech positively responds to the national strategy of peak carbon dioxide emissions and carbon neutrality, vigorously practices the concept of environmental protection and low-carbon development, continuously increases the R&D efforts of e-paper products, and provides customers with highly competitive one-stop solutions. These products cover two-color, three-color and color display types, and are widely used in smart retail, smart office, smart wear, smart education and other fields with the advantages of easy reading, light weight and flexibility, environmental protection and energy conservation, and durability, helping the development of the Internet of Things ecology and building a new green and smart life together.

                Two-color E-paper Module

                Three-color E-paper Module

                Four-color E-paper Module

                Colorful E-paper Module

                7.5”BW E-paper Module

                Holitech E-paper product ranging from two color, three color, four color to N-color widely apply to smart retail, smart office, smart wear, smart education and other field with it’s feature of readability, ultra-slim, environmental protection and durability etc.



                1、high contrast


                3、Bi-stable(remain display despite power off)

                4、lower consumption

                5、high definition(such as QR code)

                6、support segment and active matrix

                7、support partial refresh

                8、Temperature range(BW:0-50℃,Freeze BW:-25~25℃,BWY:0~30℃,BWR:0~40℃)

                9、Applicable to scenario without high requirements on refreshing frequency(room temperature:BW≤4s,BWR/BWY:10-30s,Low-temperature:B/W:≤8s,BWR/BWY:30-60s,BW partial refresh: ≤1s)

                Product application